County sets pot guidelines

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Excerpt from East County Californian
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District 2 Joel Anderson said he found it interesting that a map that showed the five legal dispensaries and all of the illegal dispensaries in the unincorporated areas of the county, and thanked the board for putting money into law enforcement because it was clear how the “illegal pot shops” were impacting the community and that many people in the unincorporated area see them as legal businesses, and that is one reason they are so angry about this ordinance.

“If they have been there long enough that they can be mapped, that shows that there is a problem,” he said, adding with the new additions to the motion and the funding to get rid of the illegal shops, he was happy to move forward with the motion.

Fletcher said that he supports Anderson’s call for more enforcement and part of that is for the county to provide access to folks in a safe, regulated, and legal way.