San Diego County

District 2

Supervisor Joel Anderson


Mental Health / Homelessness

One of my top priorities is to bring more mental health and human services resources to help get mentally ill and homeless individuals the care they need to get off the streets. It is not fair to those who are suffering on the streets, law enforcement, or the communities where they reside, to continue to ignore the physically and mentally ill people who need shelter and treatment. I will work towards a more aggressive change in strategies that is compassionate without enabling unacceptable behavior on our public right of ways.

Career Opportunities

I will support policies that promote local career opportunities and support local businesses. Young families shouldn't have to move away because we didn't support local career opportunities for them.


40% of the cost of a home is due to government regulation and our County needs to get serious about the costs we can control. Attainable housing that allows young families to live locally is one of my primary goals.

Public Safety

Public Safety is government’s first job. No other public services matter if we are not safe. Safe from crime and safe from fire. A new approach to helping the homeless and the mentally ill deteriorating on our streets is critical to our public safety.

Fire Safety

As a long-time resident of the backcountry, and having witnessed first-hand the devastation in my own community caused by the 2003 Cedar Fire, I am painfully aware of the need for major investments in fire prevention and suppression. As your County Supervisor, I will continue to push for innovative ways to help homeowners manage defensible space and harden their homes, as well as ensuring our local fire agencies have the resources they need to effectively respond in emergencies.