San Diego County Board's Transparency Committee holds first public meeting

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Excerpt from 10 News
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Anderson told ABC 10News that transparency was one of his campaign promises. That's the goal of this committee; open the county's doors to hear from the public on being more open for their constituents.

He added that he was thankful of Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s support when wanting to form the transparency committee.

"Too often in each county, things are decided downtown that impact our lives without us even knowing that people are voting on it,” Anderson said.

He said there was a lot of feedback on how the board can be more open about their upcoming decisions like the one from last Tuesday.

"One is a lot of people would like to have more time with the board letters before we vote on them, so they have time to react. So, moving it to 30 days instead of a week would be huge, especially when we are talking about major policy changes,” Anderson said.