East County Leaders & First Responders Honored 9/11

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Excerpt from East County Community Times (p. 12)

Supervisor Joel Anderson and Grossmont College held a 9/11 Memorial Ceremony in remembrance of the 22nd anniversary of the devastating terrorist attacks against the United States. The ceremony featured reflective remarks from East County leaders and first responders, including San Diego County Supervisor Joel Anderson, Grossmont College President Denise Whisenhunt, El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, Heartland Fire & Rescue Chieg Bent Koch, and El Cajon police Department Chief Mike Moulton.

Anderson's team gathered early in the morning to place 2,977 American flags in the grass of Grossmont College, each one representing an innocent life taken in the attacks. While the speakers shared different stories and perspectives from the infamous day, a common theme resonated throughout their remarks - carrying on the memory of 9/11 to younger generations, who have little to no memory of the attacks.

"It is our duty to ensure that the stories of bravery and sacrifice live on, inspirin future generations to stan strong in the face of adversity," stated Supervisor Anderson.

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