Supervisor Anderson’s Packed Agenda for This Tuesday’s Board Meeting

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Excerpt from San Diego News Desk

Supporting Proposition 13 to Keep Residents in Their Homes (Item #9)

Proposition 13, an amendment to the California Constitution passed by voters in June 1978, has long been a cornerstone of property tax policy in California. Amidst the continued rising cost of living and the looming housing crisis in our region, Proposition 13 plays a crucial role in protecting County homeowners from the risk of being forced out of their homes due to escalating property taxes.

Supervisor Anderson is asking the Board of Supervisors to adopt an official position supporting Proposition 13 and opposing any legislation that would weaken its protections for California residents.

Establishing an “Unsafe Camping Ordinance” in San Diego County (Item #19)

This summer, the City of San Diego and City of Poway both adopted unsafe camping ordinances which prohibit encampments on public property within their cities.

Supervisor Anderson is proposing a similar Unsafe Camping Ordinance that would allow law enforcement to prohibit illegal encampments in the unincorporated area – and requesting the Chief Administrative Officer to develop a list of properties that create the shelter capacity needed to enforce this ordinance,

Urge President Biden to Order U.S. Flags at Half-Staff in Memoriam of American Lives Lost in Israel

During the October 7, 2023, terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas, 32 Americans were reported killed. There is also concern that more American citizens are being held hostage by Hamas at this moment.

Supervisor Anderson is recommending that the County of San Diego officially request that the President of the United States order the flying of our flag at half-staff in remembrance of the 32 American lives lost during the October 7, 2023, terrorist attack on Israel. This action will allow other jurisdictions, including the County of San Diego to also fly the United State flag at half-staff to demonstrate to the families and friends of these victims that the nation shares their grief and mourns with them.

How to Support

There are three ways to support Supervisor Anderson’s proposals at or ahead of Tuesday’s Board meeting.

  1. Comment in Person
  2. Comment on the Phone
  3. Comment Online

Visit for more information on how to participate and tune into the meeting.

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