Supervisors Advance Ordinance to Make Home-Kitchen Program Permanent

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Excerpt from Patch - Santee, CA

According to Supervisor Joel Anderson's office, a permanent program would let home-kitchen operators also have a food cart, although those sales would not be part of their meal count and gross annual sales limits.

Board Chairwoman Nora Vargas, a MEHKO proponent along with Supervisor Joel Anderson, said it was important to emphasize how well the program has worked over the past two years.

Anderson, who sponsored a MEHKO-related bill while serving in the state Legislature, mentioned the pilot program was the first he and Vargas co-authored.

Anderson said that previously in his district, there were people who "made a casserole, a tamale or something that was truly delicious, and they were selling them out of homes illegally. I thought, why is that? Why can't we help people who are struggling start a business?"

He added that despite worries over possible food safety or traffic issues, "here we are, after the pilot program, not a complaint, ever. Best food, best cooks, (emerging) careers and whole families. I wish everything we attempted to in government had such great success."

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