Board of Supervisors Votes to Pave Way for First County-Managed Park in Alpine

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Excerpt from Times of San Diego

Supervisor Joel Anderson, whose district includes Alpine, said the project was long overdue. Anderson said that as a 35-year resident of Alpine who has lived in the same house, a park “was promised to my children.”

“Now I have grandchildren, and I’d like for my grandchildren to play in it in my lifetime,” Anderson added. He said that while he appreciated all the rich people who live in a gated community across the street with their own play areas, “there are a lot of poor kids in Alpine who have no place to play.”

Anderson said he has hosted community coffee minutes, and listened to park opponents with an open mind.

However, Anderson said when he hears people say they want a park, but “not here, not with this, not with that,” it means they don’t support one.

“They’re looking for perfect, when really the community needs good,” Anderson said, adding that more Alpine residents with children didn’t have time to voice their opinion at Wednesday’s meeting, as they’re busy taking their children to other regional parks, including ones in El Cajon.

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