Board of Supervisors Supports Proposals to Expand Areas for Wineries, Allow Live Music

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Excerpt from Ramona Sentinel

Supervisor Joel Anderson, who oversees Ramona and the unincorporated areas in District 2, said he’s seen the Ramona wine region grow in the last 15 years.

“They’ve really matured, as the vineyards have matured their wine has matured and we’ve got great products up there,” he said.


Anderson said it was significant that Ramona, which has a population of fewer than 22,000 people, put out a petition that had already received support from over 10 percent of the community.

“This tells you that the demand for music in the community is very high,” he said. “Like in every community there’s a small group of people who oppose everything, and they have every right to.”


Anderson seconded the motion made by Desmond and offered the amendment that county staff look at how boutique wineries could have live music with parameters, such as possible limits on hours, types of amplification and allowing for more than six community events per year.

His amendment received unanimous support.

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