Lakeside Homeless Shelter

The County of San Diego is seeking to place a homeless shelter in Lakeside, CA. Although this project is in the research and evaluation phase, Supervisor Anderson's staff will keep this page updated with the most recent information. All feedback regarding proposed shelters will be shared with the Office of Homeless Solutions and consultants analyzing proposed sites. We greatly appreciate your consideration of support for these projects and continued efforts. Please contact Ibrahim Ahmed, Policy Advisor for Supervisor Anderson, at if you would like additional information regarding these efforts or would like to submit a letter of support.

Community-Proposed Homeless Shelter Quick Facts

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Office of Homeless Solutions, Lakeside Proposed Shelter Site:
9897 Riverford Road, Lakeside, CA 92040

Aerial View

Street View from CA-67

Project Status: Reasearch and Evaluation Phase

  • Sleeping cabins (up to 2 persons per cabin)
  • 24-hour on-site security & site operation staff
  • Additional staff will be on-site daily to provide services such as housing navigation to more permanent housing options, case management, and behavioral health services
    • Clients will be referred and dropped off by County outreach staff in a coordinated intake process
    • People will not be able to self-refer or walk-up to the site on their own
  • No alcohol or drug use will be allowed on-site
  • Site will have quiet hours in the evening and night, thus no foot traffic during those hours
  • The proposed shelter will alleviate homeless activity in Lakeside including riverbeds
  • The proposed number of sleeping cabins will address the lack of shelter for those experiencing homelessness

Boise v. Martin Court Decision
"Homeless persons cannot be punished for sleeping outside on public property in absence of adequate alternatives." (source:

To legally clean-up an encampment or area, the County must offer shelter.

East County has the largest number of people experiencing homelessness in San Diego County outside the City of San Diego. There are no shelters in the unincorporated areas of San Diego County.

Unincorporated Area Shelter Site Selection:

  • Based on relevant laws and regulations
  • Accessibility of necessary health & social services
  • Availability of transportation
  • Access to grocery / pharmacy
  • Availability of health / social services

Lakeside Community Engagement Timeline

  • December 1, 2021: Proposal of Riverford Road Site at Lakeside Community Planning Group (LCPG) Meeting
    • Suggested as an alternative site by a LCPG member and a community member who also served on the Water District Board
  • December 2, 2021: Office of Homeless Solutions, Community Input Session (virtual session)
  • December 10, 2021: Office of Homeless Solutions met with key Lakeside stakeholders on Vine Street
  • December 13, 2021: Office of Homeless Solutions, Community Input Session (virtual session)
  • December 15, 2021: Office of Homeless Solutions met with key Lakeside stakeholders on Vine Street
  • December 20, 2021: Supervisor Anderson's Memo to the Office of Homeless Solutions striking down initial Lakeside shelter locations
  • January 5, 2022: Lakeside Community Planning Group Meeting
  • January 7, 2022: Office of Homeless Solutions met with key Lakeside stakeholders
  • February 1, 2022: Office of Homeless Solutions propose at Lakeside Water District Board Meeting

East County Initiatives

Approval of the Emergency Shelter Solutions Implementation Plan

  • On February 8, 2022, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an implementation plan that includes:
    • Shelter Concepts: sleeping cabins, safe parking, and safe camping with wrap around services
    • Expansion of Direct Services: addition of human services and social workeres staff in East County from 6 to 10 total
    • Flexible-Funding: to address barriers to housing stability and give staff more tools to assist individuals experiencing homelessness

Approval of Zoning Ordinance Amendments Related to Emergency Shelters

  • Aimed at allowing the County to expand opportunities for providing safe shelter and housing options

East County Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  • Aimed at developing a joint plan of action to address the issue of homelessness in East County cities, including the unincorporated areas of District 2
    • Cities of El Cajon, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and Santee have signed on

Memo Requesting Action to Address Magnolia Avenue Encampment

  • Supervisor Anderson sent a memo to the Sheriff and County CAO requesting they act to address the ongoing health and safety risks associated with the N. Magnolia Avenue encampment in El Cajon
  • Beginning March 19th, 70 people got connected to housing and by May 25th, everyone was helped and moved from the encampment

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

If you have feedback you'd like to share with the County Department of Homeless Solutions and the consultants evaluating the proposed Lakeside shelter site, please use this form. 

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